And here is a special message for those of you who like to get here before 6:00am
July 19, 2014
7 A.M.
Emmett City Park
gates open at 6 A.M.
On line registration and vendor reservations are closed for this year. But you can still register at the park on Saturday
To remove any doubt; there is not an entry fee charged to register cars  for this show. Nor is there a gate fee to look
 Please support them.... they
 keep this show free for you!!

Last years pictures

Would you like to know what our   special raffle item will be this year?
Go Here!!!!
This year is the 25th annual for this show. We will have more raffle items, we'll have door prizes, we'll have The Mystics, we'll have pinstripe artists, a swap meet and vendors; just about everything you need to have a fun day. And as usual there is no fee charged to register your car or to enter the park just to look at them.

Starting at 7am the Emmett Lions Club will be serving up some fresh pancakes, eggs, ham, juice, milk and COFFEE all for just $5 bucks a head.

We have medium thru 2XL shirts and they all sell for just $10.00.

Enjoy the Mystics in the bandshell from 11am to 2pm while you are eating a burger or hotdog for lunch.

Be sure and checkout the swap meet; you just may find that   certain part that has eluded you for years. If you have some parts or pieces that someone may be looking for, be sure to get a space in the swap meet. Just $20.00 for a 10X20 space. Do you have something you want to sell that may not be a car part we can do that too for the same low cost of $20 for a 10X20 space.

If you are only interested in the cruise from 6 to 9pm registration will be on Washington Ave, the main drag through town, at the bowling alley starting at 6pm. The cruise from 6 to 9pm is for 1978 and older vehicles only. All cars in the cruise must keep all tires on the ground, all vehicles must be registered for the street. Dragging or burn outs will get you asked to leave or a coupon from the Emmett Police. Trailers will not be allowed. Please do not stop for the traffic signals during this closed druise. After 9pm if your car is newer than 1978 you are welcome to cruise but you must obey all traffic signals and laws. The cruise is no longer controlled after 9pm so all traffic laws apply.

Once again this year we are going to allow swappers and some vendors to set up Friday afternoon. Call us, by Tuesday July 15, for more info and to make arrangements.

 Last years Presidents Choice is a 1948 Chevy Pick up owned by Ruth Swan-Brown. She and her husband, Mike, were very excited to be picked.
Another Kool thing this year: We will have 3 pinstripe artists ready and willing to stripe any and everything. Need your car striped... no problem. Sun glasses... sure. High Heels... bring them on. I met all of these guys at the Rat Fink Reunion in Manti, Ut. and they do great work. Jeff Dastrup was at Motorfest last year and many of you met him there.
Andy Kawahara
and Matt Wood will be making the trip up also. And they will paint or stripe anything for you. We think you will be impressed with their work. Follow the links to check out some of their work.
Have a question or need more info, let me know. or call
richard kirsch poker
richard kirsch poker